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About Me

You bought a what????

That was my wife's reaction when I told her that I had purchased a sewing machine. I have to admit that over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of "slightly used" craft projects. I'm sure she thought that after the initial fascination with the device, my sewing machine would eventually find its way into storage next to my Oil Painting kit, Artist Pastels, Cross Stitch collection, and thousands of dollars worth of needlepoint,  not to mention boxes and boxes of scrapbook papers, embellishments, and tools.  


It sounds cliche, but from the moment I put my first piece of fabric under the presser foot and stepped on the foot pedal, I was hooked.  10 years,3 machines and millions of stitches later quilting is no longer a hobby, it has become my passion, my creative outlet, and the thing that brings joy and peace to my life.  


All of my quilts are made with love and passion and are constructed to last.  Knowing that something I made will be with you and your family for years to come is one of the most rewarding experiences and the reason I do what I do.  


Thanks for stopping by,


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